【改訂版】TOEFL Speaking:評価点4(満点)の回答ってどんな感じ?




以下、ETS作成の TOEFL GO! アプリの無料サンプル内のSpeaking問題のTask 1の問題。
(現在のTOEFL GO! はこの問題を使用していません)


Some universities require first-year students to live in dormitories on campus. Others allow students to live off campus. Which policy do you think is better for first-year students and why? Include details and examples in your explanation.


実はこの問題、2005年にこれから始まる/始まったばかりのTOEFL iBTではどのような問題が出題されるか紹介するためのサンプルとして取り上げられたもの。

ETSが以前に行ったTOEFL iBT Speaking and Writing Webinarで、このSpeakingの問題に対する評価点4点の回答が紹介されていたので、紹介します。





Uh, I think it’s better for the first-year students to live on campus rather than off-campus. Uh, main reason because um, they are new to the city and it’s safer for them to live on campus where there’s more security, um because they don’t know much about the city in the first place. Uh, second of all, it helps them to … become more familiar with their surroundings, where they have to study. It also helps them to meet new people. Uh living in a dorm encourages friendships with people who you might … not … uh, seem very comfortable with the first time. And um, it helps you meet new people, it helps you interact with your seniors, if any, living in your dorm.






In this response, the speaker provides a clear and coherent response. She is able to maintain a steady, fluid pace with little to no hesitation. Her pronunciation is very good. There is minor but noticeable first-language influence on stress and intonation patterns, but they do not obscure meaning for the listener. She demonstrates a range of vocabulary and grammar that is appropriate to the task. In general, the response is well developed. The speaker clearly states her opinion and provides several reasons for her point of view. She then explains each reason in varying degrees of detail. There is a clear progression of ideas and an ease of presentation typical of a level 4 response. Please note that each score band — 1 through 4 — actually represents a range of abilities. The performance within a level will actually vary slightly from one test taker to the next.







評価点4をもらうには、Delivery、Language Use、Topic Developmentという3つの評価項目すべてにおいて4レベルでなければなりませんし。






TOEFL Speakingで4を取るには「難しい表現」「難しい構文」を駆使しなければならないという方がいらっしゃったりしますが、このような回答でもdemonstrates a range of vocabulary and grammarなど、ETSからべた褒めの評価がもらえると分かっていただけるかと思います。